Good hockey players never stop learning, even at the NHL level. I often spend time surfing the web with my fourteen year old son and the Internet has a wealth of good resources!

When it comes to building team chemistry among youth players, helping to develop and nurture the skills of advanced players can mean the difference between winning and losing. But just as important is making sure that development doesn’t come at the expense of less-skilled players, who can potentially fall by the wayside if they aren’t worked with.

By identifying both more- and less-advanced players on a team, the needs of both groups can be met equally. And that can mean improving the team and, most importantly, making the game fun for everybody.

When it comes to helping both these groups, it can start with the simplest of strategies.

With players in need of improvement, the key is to keep them engaged and interested. With young players’ attention spans short enough already, the frustration associated with this process can be enough to turn them off the game entirely.

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