I always enjoy watching a game that has little fighting, that is why playoff hockey is such a blast to watch! Bobby Orr wasn’t known as a fighter during his all too brief domination of the NHL. He was, however, unafraid to drop the gloves if need be. He also played on a team and in an era when players were willing and allowed to take care of problems with their own hands — usually quite literally.

While fighting is still a part of today’s game, there is certainly an anti-fighting movement that gains ground with every concussion or knockout punch landed on the ice. However, Orr believes there’s still a place for fighting in hockey. Arguably the greatest player of all time, Orr still keeps very close tabs on the way the game is played today. He knows there’s an anti-fighting groundswell, but if No. 4 had it his way, fighting would stay in hockey.

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