Found a great article that offers some great tips on shooting in soccer. This was very interesting and would be a big help for goalies, especially on those nasty penalty shots!

Where Are the Most Shots Made?

Ever wondered if there’s actually a “sweet spot” in a soccer goal? A place where you could kick the ball and it would go in almost every time?

Well, there may not be a definitive “sweet spot,” but a recent study did take a look at where scored goals most often went into the net. Here are the results:

Top Left: 8 percent
Top Center: 4 percent
Top Right: 5 percent

Ouch. As you can see, shooting high means you have a pretty low percentage of actually scoring.

Middle Left: 7 percent
Middle Center: 8 percent
Middle Right: 6 percent

While you have a better chance of scoring if you shoot to the middle than up high, the odds still aren’t much in your favor.

Bottom Left: 22 percent
Bottom Center: 21 percent
Bottom Right: 19 percent

Read the full article here.