Being green is the new black, so why not a soccer arena?

The International Indoor Soccer Arena (IISA) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has gone solar! While — to be honest — this is the first time that I’ve ever heard of the arena, it’s certainly still good news anytime businesses switch to renewable energy sources — good news both for the environment and also for the business’s bottom line.

As anyone who has ever been involved in business knows, overhead expenses for things such as electricity often constitute a large proportion of the costs necessary to keep a business going — so why not simply remove some of those costs? That’s exactly what the International Indoor Soccer Arena did, when it installed a 44.95kW-DC roof mounted solar PV system earlier this year — now, instead of a large electric bill every month, they actually receive a credit for the excess electricity that they generate. During August — the first full billing cycle of solar production since the system was turned on — the electric bill dropped from almost $1500 a month (in July) to a credit of $41.33! Hard to have a problem with changes like those.

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